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Pillow of Turbot with Smoked Salmon mousse, on braised Fennel, Saffron potatoes and Champagne foam


  • 1 x fillet of Turbot 180gr
  • 50gr Braised Fennel
  • 3 x 20gr turned potatoes (cooked in saffron water)
  • 5 g each salt and pepper
  • 20gr white fish mousse
  • 10gr Smoked Salmon
  • 5gr Dill
  • 25ml Champagne
  • 25ml White fish sauce
  • 10gr Whipped Cream
  • 50ml Fish stock
  • 20gr Unsalted butter




  1. Cut a pocket into the Turbot fillet and fill with the mix of white fish mousse and the smoked Salmon, season and steam the fish for 12-15 mins.
  2. Heat the braised Fennel and the potatoes with the butter.
  3. Once the fish is cooked drain it well and place it on the braised fennel with the potatoes around.
  4. Boil and reduce the sauce slightly, then add the semi-whipped cream and at the last minute a dash of Champagne to give the foam pour this over the fish and serve immediately.
  5. Decorate with the dill leaves
  6. Making the sauce foamy will help prevent it forming a skin and setting on the plate.

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