Real Bread Weekend!

We are celebrating real, home made bread from 5th – 7th of May!

The humble loaf, is the staple of many a person’s diet. Bread is the food for all occasions, so many styles complimenting any style of food. Bread can be traced back to the Egyptians and refined by the Greeks to resemble the more modern day loaves. To celebrate the Artisan bakers skills, we will offer a selection of breads throughout your meal, with starters and again with the main course.


We have a mixture of open course textured breads to finer crumbed breads….

  • Flavoured white bread (changing daily)
  • Rye Soda bread (dense, heavy full rich flavour)
  • Ciabatta (a more dry, open textured bread with a floury light crust)
  • Focaccia (soft close crumb, steeped in extra virgin olive oil with a salty crust)
  • Grissini sticks (dry crisp texture, with nutty taste of seeds)
  • Music bread (Thin sheets of flat bread that resemble, written sheets of music. These have a crisp snap and moreish taste)


All of these breads will be available throughout your meal and over the weekend!

We hope you will enjoy tasting the fabulous breads our chef’s will make over our Real Bread Weekend.


For restaurant bookings call 01638 663175

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