A new Music System!

Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa has invested over £3000 in a new bespoke music system which is set to enrich the hotel’s ambience and enhance customer experience.

Music Concierge creates and supplies tailored music playlists to boutique, luxury hotels. Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa’s management team has worked closely with Music Concierge, helping them to understand the clientele, the property and its facilities, which has enabled them to create playlists that are carefully designed to match the audience, hotel area and time of day.

Noel Byrne, Chief Executive of Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa, said: “The atmosphere and ambience of a hotel is enormously important to a guest’s experience, and music has a huge impact on this. The mood of a room changes throughout the day and it is vital that the music playing changes accordingly. By working with Music Concierge we have been able to create our own signature sound which aligns perfectly with the character of the Hotel.”

The management team at Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa is committed to continuously investing in the Hotel to ensure guests receive a first-class experience each and every time they visit.

Noel continued: “Our investment in the new system means music is now managed more efficiently – the Music Concierge team updates all playlists remotely – allowing our staff more time to focus on providing the best possible service for guests.”

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