Hospitality rivals line up for this year’s National Waiter’s Day race.

We were delighted to host the National Waiter’s Race for the second year at Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa.

Local industry rivals were invited to take part in this year’s race held within the hotel grounds. Eight participants took on the challenge, with entries from Heath Court Hotel, The Packhorse Inn, Moulton and Newmarket Racecourses, lining up alongside Liam Schofield and Lisa McMaster who represented Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa this year.

Executive Head Chef, Lee Cooper was the perfect compere giving clear rules and instructions explaining that the winner will be determined by the amount of liquid left in the glasses with the time of crossing the line being a factor in the decision. Anyone crossing the line after the first person will have a penalty of 1ml deduction per second.

With a case of Moet Chandon up for grabs, you can imagine the race became very competitive with changes in pole position even up until crossing the line.

The first National Waiter’s Race was held in 2013 founded by Fred Sirieux, who wanted to celebrate and promote career paths within the hospitality industry.

This year’s lucky winner was a last minute entry from the Chestnut’s Group’s,  Packhorse Inn, Moulton, with Lily Maguire taking home the title and a case of bubbly this year.

Well done Lily!!


Congratulations to all that took part and we look forward to a next year’s race!!!

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