A Celebration of National Beer Week

From 15th – 18th of June we are celebrating National Beer Week with a special tasting menu.

Beer is the oldest beverage brewed by man, it dates back to the 5th Millennium. More modern Beer was produced as away of purifying water as something “palatable” to drink. With the resurgence of micro-breweries, there are now said to be as many Beers as fine French wines! More often thought of as the drink of the common man, we aim to show you that, Beer is as versatile as it is diverse, providing both complementary and contrasting experiences when paired with food.

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The following menu will help you to explore theses and enhance your enjoyment of beer & food pairing…


Amuse Bouche

Fillet Carpaccio, Mushroom a la greque, Horseradish foam, IPA jelly

(sour, tart & funky beer – Belgian style Flanders – American Brett)



Sea Scallop – Strawberry, Watermelon, Radish, Tomato, Bachelor Buttons, Fleur de sel, Imperial Stout gel

(Fruity & Spicy Beer – palate cleanser)



Pork Pachanga, Caramelized Red Onion Puree, wholegrain crisp Tortilla, Coriander, & Pineapple Sauce

(Hoppy & bitter – Fruity & sweet – India pale ale)



Beer doughnuts. Ale ganache, Vanilla whipped cream cheese & stout mousse

(Malty & Sweet – Dark & Roasty – German style bock – Baltic style porter)



£35.00 Set Menu



Some dishes may contain nuts or traces of nut oils. We cannot guarantee any of the wild game is totally free of lead shot. All the dishes on the menu are inclusive of VAT. We try and use sustainable fish wherever possible. A 10% discretionary service charge is added to all bills. Gratuities are paid directly to all the hotel staff without deductions. If you require further information on ingredients which may cause allergy or intolerance, please speak to your server before ordering your meal.

15 to 18/06/17        All dishes are subject to change at any time.    Rosettes – for culinary excellence



For all restaurant bookings call 01638 663175


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