August Afternoon Tea

Join us as we celebrate the heritage of afternoon tea!

In celebration of this, we are hosting a very special afternoon tea month throughout August, where a selection of the most luxurious cakes and sandwiches will be served. Not only will we be serving our most popular choices, but each week we will be adding a fabulous cake with a twist!

Afternoon tea has become one of the most popular British traditions in history. What could be better than having a tasty treat outside of your usual dining routine? This phenomenon is one that  Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa are incredibly proud of as it was thought to be introduced and popularised by our very own Anna Maria Russell, The Duchess of Bedford.

For those that are interested in more than the cuisine, our team will be sharing the history behind each one.


Sandwiches include:

Chicken with grain mustard mayonnaise on tarragon breaddsc_5578_1

Smoked salmon on whole wheat and horseradish bread

Egg mayonnaise with shishoo cress on tomato bread

Cucumber and cream cheese on classic white bread


Cakes include:

Pistachio slice

Blackberry tart Italian meringue

Coconut cake rum syrup, Lime glaze

Strawberry tart

All sandwiches will be served with a selection of traditional cakes; in addition to this each week will be served with a mouth-watering special.


W/C 7th August – Choux Pastry

Paris Brest, The round form of Choux pastry filled with Praline cream, to form a wheel to commemorate the Paris – Brest – Paris bike ride initiated in 1891 by Pierre Giffard. This pastry was popularly eaten by the riders, for its energy giving qualities. This is our nod to the may cycle sportive’s taking place in August, especially the Cambridge Steeple Chase taking place next week.

W/C 14th August – Chocolate Delice

Do we really need a reason to celebrate the “Universal favorite food” Chocolate! In the 1600’s it was originally thought of as a medicine, or a food with curative properties. The modern version known today came about in 1875 by the combination of techniques from both Daniel Peter and Henri Nestle. I still like to think of it as a food with health properties, so please enjoy our Chocolate Delice, I’m sure you will feel much better after wards.

W/C 21st August – Victoria Sponge

The quintessential English tea time treat! The layering of soft light sponge with cream and Raspberry jam then dusted with caster sugar was seen as the height of opulence and rose to popularity in the reign of Queen Victoria, hence its name.

W/C 28th August – Newmarket Cake

This special cake is one of Newmarket’s hidden gems. Otherwise known as Newmarket Pudding, this delicious cake dates back to the 1800’s! Used as a luxurious treat for those who made it back from battle, this delicious cake is filled with fruit and a dash of Rum.


All of the above afternoon tea packages are £18.95 pp. 


To make a reservation please call 01638 663 175

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