Game Weekend

From 24th-26th of November it’s Game Weekend in our Squires restaurant and we have a delicious menu in store for you!

Wild game is generally more flavoursome than farmed meat, and may be a little tougher, depending on the age of the animal. To counteract the toughness, it’s ‘hung’ after shooting to help tenderise the meat and encourage the development of ‘gamey’ flavours. The longer meat is hung, the more pronounced the flavour will become, but hanging periods usually range from two days (for rabbit) to up to 12 days (for venison).

Our Executive Head Chef Sean Melville has created a menu using great quality, local ingredients and then giving the dishes a modern twist!

Game is one of the most healthy meats to eat, minimal fat and full in flavour, it truly is the taste of the Autumn in the country!”


Cream of Parsnip & Apple soup

Parsnip crisps & Game chips (v)


Pressing of Suffolk Wild Game

Suffolk Chutney, pickled Carrot Ribbon’s and Sour dough toast


Pan fried Quail Breast, Black pudding & Sweet potato croquette

Calvados & Ginger jus, Bacon Shard & Samphire



Duo of Denham Estate Venison

Potato topped Venison pie, Pear shards, Venison loin and berry jus & Bitter Dark chocolate


Game Mixed Grill

Mini Yorkshire pudding, fried quails egg & a Stack of Square cut chips


Pan Fried Bubble & Squeak Cake

Truffle infused Hollandaise, poached hens egg, Broad Beans, Wild Forest Mushrooms (v)



Desserts will be from the fixed price menu



To book your table in our Squires restaurant call 01638 663175


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