Spring Season in the kitchen can only mean one thing ……..Asparagus

I always think of spring time and imagine animals, plants and flowers awakening from a deep sleep after months ice snow and awful weather. The bloom in the fields and in the trees see a significant change as tiny buds show us what lies ahead.

In the kitchen we have also been stuck in hibernation, though not sleeping we have been in a repetitive March of preserved treasures from last year and mixture of root vegetables that although amazing can get a little tiresome.

Those little buds we see on the trees are the wake up call for creativity, we are now seeing some of the treasures starting to turn up, Ramsons (wild garlic) now sprouting up and catching your nose whilst out walking the dog. Asparagus season always somehow turns up early and we as chefs will use this as much as we can as we only get such a short season. Jersey royal potatoes are literally just around the corner.

Now the change of season is bedding in the way we eat changes to, we move from heavy braises and stews to much lighter cuts that a quickly cooked. Spring lamb will mature and remind us that summer is just around the corner.

Happy eating

Lee Cooper
Executive Head Chef

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