Meg’s tips to stay active at home!

Get Moving At Home…

As our normal fitness regimes go out the window, it’s hard to stay motivated but it is important for our physical and mental wellbeing to keep active.

Our Health Club Manager, Megan has created some top tips on how to maintain your fitness regime from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Set yourself a realistic goal – what are you aiming to achieve? Do you just want to keep fit or are you looking to build muscle? Perhaps your aim is to be more flexible or to be able to run 5k…whichever it is make sure it is achievable for you.
  2. Schedule your workouts – Decide when you are most likely to want to do your workout and schedule it in your diary. This way is you have a plan you’re more likely to stick to it.
  3. Try new things – Although the gym isn’t open, there are plenty of online tools to keep you on track and can even get you in to new activities! You can try Joe Wick’s 9am HIT workout every weekday at 9am either on Instagram or YouTube. Perhaps you want to try Yoga? We recommend trying Yoga Quarantine with Tim! A great way to stay on track, this class is on YouTube everyday until quarantine finishes and is a great workout.
  4. Improvise – Trying to build muscle but don’t have weights? Improvise by using bottles of laundry detergent or wine! Your choice!
  5. Recovery – Make sure you allow time for your body to recover. This will have an effect on how quickly you progress as it allows your muscles to repair and build.

We hope these top tips were useful!


Meg x

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