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Suffolk Summer Lamb Salad

Using some of Suffolks wonderful produce, you can make amazing and simple food that is full of flavour, beautiful to the eye and makes you want to sit eat and enjoy with friends.


Ingredients (for two people)


4 lean lamb loin chops (approx. 2cm thick)

2 ripe plums (stoned and sliced)

6 baby plum tomatoes

20gr sliced sweet red onion

2 Good sized handfuls of mixed leaves (chard, rocket, gem lettuce etc)

75gr goats cheese (crumbled up, roughly cubed)

25gr walnut halves (optional, but lovely)

60ml berry juice/smoothie

30ml Virgin Olive Oil

10ml cider vinegar (or sherry vinegar)

A drizzle of balsamic glaze (optional)




  • Grill lamb chops approx. 6-8 mins on each side (depending on how well done you prefer your meat) Keep warm to rest.
  • Mix the leaves, tomatoes, plums, Goats cheese, onion and nuts in a bowl.
  • Whisk together the smoothie, Cider vinegar and olive oil, drizzle over the bowl of salad and toss together.
  • Plate the salad mix, place the warm Lamb chops on the salad, sit back relax and enjoy with a nice glass of light red wine and some good company.

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