East Meets West Menu

There are so many different cuisines across the globe, here in the Western world we are known for enjoying hearty meals and are proud to source food from our natural larder, with a love of game, dairy, red meats, and fish. More recently the UK has introduced popular traditions from the East which are becoming increasingly trendy across the UK. Foods such as rice, noodles combined with fabulous flavours like soy and oyster sauce, chilli and ginger bring a twist to classic western dishes.

Come and enjoy our East Meets West 5 course tasting menu and experience a combination of delicious flavours.

See our 5-course tasting menu below, £30pp:

Amuse Bouche
Hot & Sour soup, crispy Shitake Mushroom stuffed steamed bun

Char Siu Pork Shoulder
Kale, Crackling quaver, Pineapple, Gammon & Thyme Broth


Hand Dived Scallops coated in Sesame
Chip shop curry sauce, Sashimi, Spring onion & Beer batter scraps


Teriyaki marinade Rib of Beef
Slow Cooked Rib Glazed in Soy and Ginger, Low Mei Vermicelli Noodle, Tempura Broccoli


Cheese Cake
Passion Fruit Cheese Cake with Dragon Fruit Ice Cream & Blackberry Macaron


To make a reservation please call us on 01638 663175, this menu is available from 15th – 21st August.

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