World Chocolate Weekend!

We are celebrating World Chocolate Weekend from 7th – 9th of July and we would love you to join us!

Chocolate, since its discovery in the 1500’s has widely become regarded as the world’s favourite food. Originally used as a sweet treat, but now in more modern times the tendency is to move to a more bitter savoury flavour. Chocolate can be combined in so many ways, pick out spice with chillies, or the sharpness of sea salt. Chocolate can add a richness to stews and sauces, giving an extra level and dimension to the palate.

In our Squires restaurant, we have selected chocolate from around the world, using a network of local suppliers including Cheese plus, Town & Country and Infusions. We are using a selection of different chocolates, from 30% Milk chocolate to crisp snap of a 70% bitter dark glossy chocolate with the Venison. The different percentages in the chocolate dictates how much  cocoa butter content they have, so the finer chocolate should have a clean crisp snap, and start to melt very quickly in your fingers.

Please enjoy our Chocolate menu and see how versatile the “world’s favourite food” can be!


Here is our deliciously chocolately Chocolate Weekend Menu…


Russian Borscht Soup

Beetroot Crisps and Sour cream with 70% Chocolate shaved at the Table (v)

Seared Fallow Deer

Confit Pumpkin, Charred Fig and Sauce Grand Veneur

White Chocolate Mousse with Caviar

Himalayan Pink Salt


Pan Roasted Venison Loin dusted with Cacao

Rich Chocolate Jus, Port Poached Salsify, Toffee Parsnip puree, Blackberries

Seared East Coast Bream Fillet

Crab & White Chocolate Risotto, Burnt Lemon segments & Sea Asparagus

 Beetroot and Dark Chocolate Soufflé

Kale, Sautéed Baby Carrots & Candied Beets (v)


Chocolate & After Eight Tower

Mint choc chip ice cream

Chocolate Delice

Hazelnut base, Orange Gel & Orange Sherbet

White Chocolate & Raspberry Verine

Violet Granita


£30.00 (Three courses)

To make a reservation in our Squires restaurant call 01638 663175



And in our Roxana Bar…

We will also be celebrating in our bar with 3 very special Chocolate Cocktails and our NEW Luxury Hot Chocolate…


Chocolate Biscuit

50ml Hennessy Vs

25ml Creme de Cacao Brown

25ml Kahlua


Chocolate Mint Martini

50ml Absolut Vodka

25ml Creme de Menthe

15ml Creme de Cacao white

Dash of dry Martini


Chocolate Martini

50ml Absolut Vodka

25ml Creme De Cacao White

25ml Dry Martini



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