National Fitness Day

The Edge Health & Fitness Club is supporting National Fitness Day on Wednesday 7th of September!

If you are a member of The Edge, you will be allowed to bring a guest to use the club facilities and attend some of our fantastic classes (on an extended timetable)

National Fitness Day is one of the biggest nationwide celebrations of physical activity in the annual calendar. We all know the benefits of regular exercise, but in reality, many people find getting fit a lonely slog, and it shouldn’t be.

Research shows that if you exercise in company, you’re more likely to stick at it. A combination of the social atmosphere, camaraderie and friendly competitiveness amongst the group spurs most of us to show up with a positive attitude and, most importantly, have fun. That’s what National Fitness Day is all about – providing the inspiration to move!

So as the summer draws to a close, and you start to swap your summer flip-flops for exercise trainers, why not seize this opportunity to get behind our national campaign with Sonia and her team at The Edge Health & Fitness Club.

For more information call: 01638 666075 or email 

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