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It’s a logical thought that people undergoing treatment for cancer or post-treatment would benefit from having a relaxing massage and yet very few spas in the UK have the training requirements in place for their therapists to perform such treatments.

Having recognised the need to be inclusive and help support people during and post-cancer treatment, The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel has completed training with ‘Wellness for Cancer’, a world leading provider of cancer therapy training.

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With required lecture attendance, practical training and examinations to pass, the spa team at Bedford Lodge Hotel have undergone extensive training to achieve their accreditation. Leanna Kew, Spa Manager at Bedford Lodge Hotel comments…

‘Our clients want to be able to escape cancer, they don’t want to go to a spa and be reminded of their journey, and this is what Wellness for Cancer has taught us. We’re now able to offer a select treatment menu to cancer sufferers with the right training, attitude and approach. For example, we’ve been taught how to respect the lymphatic system should a client have undergone node removal as part of their cancer treatment. Wellness for Cancer has enabled us to ensure that all our treatments are safe and relaxing for our clients.”

In understanding the complex array of stressors that cancer can trigger, The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel can now adapt their range of treatments to suit all cancer sufferers. Offering a select list of treatments, guests can experience the ESPA Personalised Massage and Facial treatment as well as enjoying the spa facilities in a haven of calm and tranquillity. Leanna and the spa team are delighted to be able to support Wellness for Cancer and their spa clientele.

To speak to one of our Wellness for Cancer trained therapists about your visit email spareservations@bedfordlodgehotel.co.uk or call 01638 676130.

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‘Wellness for Cancer’ is an American organisation founded by Julie Bach, who has created a training curriculum based on her own personal experience of looking after her parents who were in and out of cancer centres for 15 years. The curriculum is aimed at spas and wellness facilities that want to increase their level of comfort and confidence in delivering safe and nurturing services to their spa guests.

To attain the accreditation, spas must first have a proper perspective about supporting clients with cancer, understanding that their role is wellbeing and not disease care. Secondly, spa therapists need to take responsibility for ensuring that their client’s experience is one that reduces stress levels, whilst increasing emotional resiliency and finding inner peace.

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