It’s time to celebrate!!

To celebrate our wonderful Queen turning 90 on Thursday, we have decided to dedicate a Full Afternoon Tea menu to her and all her favourite treats starting on Thursday 21st April 2016.

Darren McGrady, a former royal chef, recently offered a rare insight into the normal diet of the Queen when she is not banqueting. She would often enjoy at 1pm, an afternoon tea of cakes, scones and sandwiches.

Mr McGrady reveals her favourite cakes were honey and cream sponge, ginger, fruit and the chocolate biscuit cake that Prince William also chose to be served at his wedding reception.

“At least two varieties of sandwich were offered, such as cucumber, smoked salmon, egg mayonnaise, ham and mustard. The crusts cut off. She also had her favourite jam pennies, tiny raspberry jam sandwiches cut into circles the size of an old English penny and washed down with Earl Grey tea”

We do hope you enjoy our Full Afternoon Tea menu in honour of Her Majesty…



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