English Week!

To Celebrate St.Georges Day on the 23rd of April we have a whole week dedicated to classic English dishes from 20th-26th April!

The English Week menu consists of great traditional English dishes with a fabulous modern twist! From our delicious Beetroot Soup with its beautiful deep purple colour, to our gorgeous mini Pork & Apple Sausages you will not be disappointed!










Executive Head Chef James Fairchild said “The star of the show is our modern twist on fish and chips, made with our locally sourced, fresh cod loin! We will cook the cod by using a temperature-controlled water bath which produces perfectly cooked, fluffy white cod. (Cooking the fish under vacuum helps to trap the moisture inside the cod and the constant, low temperature of the water ensures the fillet cooks evenly)

Alongside our day aged soaked peas, Scampi, Parmentier Potatoes & Vinegar jel….Definitely not a dish from the chippy on the sea front, but bringing back those mouthwatering memories!”

And no English menu would be complete without a classic bread and butter pudding or rice pudding taking you back to the “Sunday Dinner” days.


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