Newmarket restaurant team flipping out over Pancake Day

bedford-lodge-hotel-pancake-dayChefs in our luxurious four red star restaurant Squires decided to have a bit of fun for Pancake Day. A trio of kitchen staff challenged each other to a battering via a pancake race in the hotel grounds for Shrove Tuesday!

A trio of the award winning Suffolk restaurant’s kitchen staff challenged each other to a battering via a pancake race in the hotel grounds for Shrove Tuesday, but it was Larder Chef, Kerry Murray who was declared the winner.

Executive Chef James Fairchild is planning on ensuring guests don’t go without the traditional dish throughout the week by serving up pancakes with chocolate sauce, maple syrup, crepes suzette and everyone’s favourite, lemon and sugar, at the hotel’s Squires restaurant.

He said: “I love Pancake Day and I can’t understand why people don’t indulge in this simple dish more often in the year.

“As a self confessed chocoholic, there are no guesses which dish I would choose, but savoury pancakes are a great simple dish to serve up when the cupboards are a bit low because most people have eggs, plain flour and milk among their stocks.

“Try pancakes served with some grated extra mature cheddar, little shreds of ham and mushrooms cooked in a bit of butter. You can’t go wrong.”

His top tips are to let the batter rest in the fridge for 30 minutes before cooking to achieve a lighter pancake, then cook it in a little oil or cooking spray oil.

He says you will know when to flip after the edges turn golden and separate from your non-stick pan.

“When you decide to flip be brave. Shake it so it shifts around in the pan first and flip it in one movement,” added James.

The 77-bed hotel is situated just a short distance from the town’s famous paddocks and training stables. It is set in three acres of secluded rose gardens and has a luxury onsite £5.5m Spa.

Pictured are: Executive Chef James Fairchild, Larder Chef Kerry Murray and Pastry Chef Jordan Slater.

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