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The ancient market town of Bury St Edmunds has been a site of pilgrimage for over five centuries. The shrine of the martyred Edmund, King of East Anglia, after whom the town gained its name, can be found in the medieval abbey ruins.

Other sights worth a visit are the sixteenth century cathedral, the bustling market and Britain’s smallest pub, ‘The Nutshell’. Dubbed by William Cobbett ‘the nicest little town in the world’, Bury St Edmunds also lays claim to one of Britain’s few surviving Georgian playhouses, The Theatre Royal. Bury St Edmunds is the perfect destination for those looking for a taste of modern day Suffolk in a city abounding in cultural heritage.

For a taste of rural medieval history or a quiet getaway from the humdrum of modern life, Lavenham is the perfect destination. The astonishingly well preserved medieval town is like a walk back in time. The small town boasts some 320 listed timber buildings, many of them protected by English Heritage. Created by Henry III over 750 years ago, Lavenham was granted market status and soon began the most prosperous period of Lavenham’s history.

The town was best known for the famous Lavenham Blues cloth. Now, visitors to the town can explore the spectacular church of St. Peter and St. Paul set on top of a hill overlooking the town, or find respite in one of the many cosy tearooms or restaurants offered by this tranquil treasure trove of a town.

The historic landmarks of Cambridge, set on the River Cam are a breathtaking glimpse of old England. You’ll find yourself intrigued and inspired by this captivating city steeped in history. Punting on the Cam is a must-do for first time visitors, or even for those who have been before. Guided tours are offered for those who are a little daunted by the idea of trying their hand at punting, or wish to sit back and relax while discovering a little more of the history of Cambridge from an insider’s perspective.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in some culture, Cambridge is an historic treasure, known for its excellence of learning and atmosphere. Join a guided walk around the city, a variety are offered ranging from an in-depth historic tour of the Cambridge University Colleges, to a spine-chilling Ghost Tour. This beautiful city is well worth a visit; its stunning architecture and heritage will leave you breathless.

To sample local history of a different kind, why not visit the Imperial War Museum at Duxford? The museum is based in the grounds of the former wartime airfield and houses an impressive collection of over 200 aircraft as well as tanks, military vehicles and boats.


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