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Celebrate Chinese New Year at Squires

24 February 2015

Welcome 2015, the year of the Sheep with us between Thursday 19th February and Wednesday 25th February 2015. The New Year's Eve dinner is the most important dinner for the Chinese. Normally, this is the family reunion dinner, especially for those with family members away from home. This is a time for togetherness and fraternity to christen in the new year ahead.

2015, the year of the sheep will be a time of Peace, Harmonious co-existence and Tranquility. That is the primary and fundamental mood for this year. War will be averted and a period of mending and compromise will be undertaken to ensure Peace is maintained.

The Sheep is the symbol of the Arts. It relates to passive and nurturing times. It will help the healing process with regard to past events caused by individuals who have little respect for the human race or life itself. It will be a year of banding together in faith and in belief that good will prevail and win out over the forces that refuse to comply to a peaceful way of life. For those who trust in goodness, happiness and success will follow.

It's a time of feasting with family, celebration, fireworks and gift-giving.  Join us in our award-winning Squires Restaurant for a delicious far-eastern inspired meal from just £20.50.

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