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Game Weekend

22 June 2014

Game meat has become much more popular these days thanks to celebrity chefs and the trend to source locally produced foods, which cuts down on transport costs and aids local economies.

James Fairchild, Executive Chef of our 2AA Rosette Restaurant said: “Game is wild, natural and free range and with a distinctive flavour loved by many people. It is also an economical alternative for many households at this time of year.

“I think there is nothing better on a chilly November day and you can be sure that it has created a lower carbon footprint as it does not travel far from farmland to the shop.”

This type of meat has been around for hundreds of years but our ancestors didn’t have the luxury of dipping into the nearest supermarket for a piece of partridge.

On the Squires menu during the weekend you can spot roasted Trio of Venison with smoked chocolate, Roast Grouse and Wood Pigeon Breast with a smoked pancetta wafer.

We have created a menu full of classic game dishes, as always with a modern twist.

Explore the menu here.

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