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Bike Tours with Cambridge Bike Tours

The only tour of Cambridge that takes you along the river to see the college boathouses, the University Real Tennis Club and the best spot in town to photograph Kings College Chapel.

There’s an emphasis on having fun whilst seeing as much of the city as possible. They have a choice of tours that include the City, Grantchester and River Pubs and they also have a package combining a bike tour, lunch and punting  that is very popular.

Catering for all ages and abilities, single travellers, families, romantic couples or even a hen party - you are going  to have a great time!

There is a choice of bikes provided for the tour including immaculately refurbished antique British bikes with baskets, mountain bikes and even electric bikes.

There’s no need to be particularly fit as we take a leisurely ambling  pace to really soak up the atmosphere, however If you feel like you could do  with a boost, I can certainly recommend one of our electric bikes.

Tours start from around £20 and are available from March until October.  Please visit their website for further details.